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The Problem

Government and Critical National Industries (CNI) communities have an urgent need to enable their entire workforce to work from remote locations. While many departments have the capability to enable some of their staff to work remotely, few have the capability to cater for larger scale adoption.



Based on VMware’s world leading Horizon® 7, Gulanga in conjunction with our partners - Insitec and AUCloud have developed a sovereign remote desktop solution (Remote Government Desktop Service) designed to meet ASD’s ISM controls for data classifications at Official, Official:Sensitive and Protected. The service supports concurrent users from as little as one hundred to several thousand users. Delivering the features and benefits of one of the world’s leading virtual desktop solutions underpinned by Australia’s leading secure, sovereign cloud IaaS providers, the remote desktop solution ensures customer data is never compromised.

Features and Benefits


Key features of the Remote Government Desktop Service includes:

• VDI Desktops based on Microsoft Windows 10

• Streamlined deployment: Deployment can take as little as 60 minutes, based on configuration complexity.

• Single management pane: Dual zone deployments can be managed from a single management console.

• Simple upgrades: VMware provides a simple blue-green upgrade method that allows a pain free upgrade release pathway.

• Schedule-based power management options for VDI dedicated and floating desktops: Schedule off an assignment’ of VDI desktops for weekends, holidays, and non-working hours - cost savings and enabling scheduling of higher minimum desktop counts for high-demand periods.

• Rolling maintenance and image update: Includes built-in orchestration to enable rolling maintenance of RD Session Hosts.

• RD Session Hosted applications: Supports RD Session Hosted applications and desktops with initial release.

• Cloud and cyber monitoring: All deployments underpinned by AUCloud’s world leading cyber monitoring technology supported by Insitec’s trusted services for additional security assurance.

• User Environment Manager (Dynamic Environment Manager): Personalisation and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical, and cloud-based Windows desktop environment for additional flexibility.

• Low-cost monthly billing: Consumption-based highly competitive pricing for capacity, with no termination fees.

The Insitec/AUCloud solution provides Federal Government:

• Flexible pricing to scale from 100-1000 or more users, for rapid operationalisation

• Desktop service performance levels available to match your workforce’s requirements.

• Dedicated ESXi hosts, vCenter and Security servers (VMware Unified Access Gateway) for each government customer for enhanced security.

• Desktop services via individual Internet facing URL’s (unique per tenancy) enabled through dedicated VMware Horizon View Gateways for easier adoption by dispersed organisations.

• ICON or CDC data centre cross-connect for rapid integration of existing CDC Customers.

• 2 Virtual firewalls per tenancy, providing bespoke controls to meet security needs.

• Private network cross-connect via internal firewall.

• 2FA and cyber threat monitoring within a restricted community.


Key conditions that currently apply to the solution


In order to rapidly mobilise this service for government use we have applied the following restrictions -

• VDI desktop OS is currently restricted to Windows 10 only

• The Services outlined are to support and deploy a single “Gold” image. Additional images are available upon request.

• No persistent storage is allocated to a Virtual Desktop. We assume that departments will expose their internal corporate data locations to the hosting environment through the connection methods outlined above. No local storage with initial deployment as assumed provided through Customer environments

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