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Our COmpany

Unlock the power of innovation with the Gulanga Group, your Supply Nation Certified, locally owned Indigenous Business. As a trusted partner, we collaborate closely with the Government, harnessing cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to revolutionise your business outcomes.

Experience excellence with our team of top-notch ICT technologists, boasting extensive expertise in delivering government-based solutions. At Gulanga, we offer a comprehensive suite of dynamic ICT products and services, bolstered by an extensive network of professional consultants, solution architects, and industry experts. Together, we deliver tailor-made solutions that align with your unique business imperatives.

Embrace the spirit of Indigenous entrepreneurship, as Gulanga embodies the strength, capability, and reputation of a true SME leader. With over 50 satisfied customers across the Commonwealth, ACT, NSW, and WA governments, we stand at the forefront of the Australian Government's unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving Indigenous business sector.

Join hands with Gulanga Group today, and together, let's pave the way to a future of success, driven by Indigenous ingenuity and powered by cutting-edge ICT solutions.

Our IPP Approach

Winning your business is of enormous value in allowing us to not only support you and grow our business, but it also accelerates our purpose delivery. A direct impact of winning and supporting government agencies, is that Gulanga delivered some key results beyond those delivered for our customers:

  • Indigenous ICT Development – Gulanga has successfully mentored an Indigenous people into the world of ICT and business development. Our approach to the IPP is for the continued growth of Indigenous people in ICT

  • Community Investment – Gulanga has invested back to the community resulting in us being featured on WINS News and in a local newspaper

  • Phase 3 – Indigenous management oversight to being with Gulanga fulltime. This great change will help us achieve Phase 4 of our IPP Approach more quickly

  • We are now twice CERTIFIED as a Supply Nation enterprise, in line with achieving and maintaining Phase 3 of our IPP Approach

IPP Approach.PNG
Our IPP Approach
Certified Indigenous

Certified Indigenous

The Commonwealth Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) began on 1 July 2015. The primary purpose of the policy is to stimulate Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, providing Indigenous Australians with more opportunities to participate in the economy.

For the purposes of the policy, an Indigenous enterprise is a business that is 50 per cent or more owned by Indigenous Australians. Supply Nation maintains a list of Indigenous enterprises that meet this definition.

In 2015, Gulanga Group Pty Ltd was one of the very first ICT businesses to qualify as a member of Supply Nation’s list of Indigenous enterprises.  There are two levels of certification – Registered and Certified.





Gulanga was designed for Certified status knowing that in Phase 3 of our IPP Approach, we would achieve that milestone. Our latest Certified status certificate is below.

Certified Supplier Certificate - Certified Supplier Certificate v3.jpg
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